General Tips:

1. Most of the grants require a completed home study before you can apply. Others require I800A or I600A Approval. A few require an official referral. Go ahead and fill out the applications and gather them ahead of time. That way, you can mail them in as soon as you have the approvals you need.

2. A lot of grants are reviewed quarterly. You may think that your adoption will be completed by the time the review date roles around. Apply anyway. You never know how long an international adoption will take.

3. Google. Try using the type of adoption--international or domestic. Try using your child's country or disability. Try using your denomination. Try your geographic area. Don't give up! There are lots of grants out there if you can find them.


1. Affording Adoption. *Reviewed quarterly. *Must have a referral. *Most grants are $1,000.

2. Beautiful Feet Global Outreach *Must have USCIS approval. *Big supporters of Reece's Rainbow.

3. CARE - Christian Adoption Resources and Encouragement, Inc. *Applications are accepted from May 1 to October 1. Funds are dispersed the first week in November. *Had to email to get the application. The one online had a fee involved. *You must have an adoption agency to apply for this grant.

4. Child of the King

5. A Child Waits Foundation *Starts with a short pre-application.

6. Gift of Adoption *You can apply when you have an approved home study. *Requires an official referral before decision is made. Monthly emails and updates are required until you have an official match.

7. Golden Dawn Adoption Assistance *For LDS and other Christian families. Requires a letter from your minister. *For families adopting children with special needs and other hard to place children. *Applications reviewed quarterly.

8. International Adoption Resources

9. Kids for Kyla *Usually reviewed annually. *Also give grants for fertility treatments. *Priority given to applicants who do not have children. *Must have a completed home study.

10. National Adoption Foundation *Reviewed quarterly. *Need to have a homestudy in progress.

11. The OATH Ministry - Orphans Awaiting Their Homes *Must have a completed home study.

12. ONELess Ministries *Requires a pastor questionnaire.

13. Open Hearts for Orphans *Christian Families *Chicago area only

14. Room for One More

15. Saving Children, Building Families *You must have a completed home study.

16. Show Hope *A very long application but well worth it. *Reviewed 6 times a year. *Must have a completed home study. *For Christian families

17. Adopt Together *Allows you to post a family profile and receive tax-deductible donations.

18. God’s Grace Adoption Ministry *GGAM, PO Box 4, Modesto, CA 95353

Other Grants:

1. Boatner Family Foundation - This organization is listed on almost every grant list. You are told to send a letter asking for an application.

2. Caroline's Promise *Christian couples *North and South Carolina only

3. GRACE fund. *Only for families adoption from Ethiopia.

4. Help Us Adopt *Must have a completed home study. *Grants are given twice a year--in June and December.

5. IBSEN Adoption Foundation *Washington State Families only

6. JSC Foundation *Only offers grants to married couples. *Strict guidelines regarding family size and previous adoptions.

7. Sea of Faces Foundation *Christian, married couples only *Must have a referral from a developing country

8. Perpetual Change *Their website is currently under construction.

9. Hand in Hand *Christian couples only. *Matching grants only. *Requires you to send out support letters to friends and family.

10. Grace Haven Ministries *Christian couples only. *Must have approved home study.

11. Families Outreach *Christian, married couples with the endorsement of their pastor. *Must have a completed home study.

12. Love Has Come *Must have completed home study. *Must have a licensed agency.

13. Sacred Selections *Must have completed home study. *Couples only. *Do not need to have an adoption agency. *Must be "members of a conservative, noninstitutional, noninstrumental, church of Christ."