Friday, April 6, 2012

A baby without limbs is born in Ukraine. Will he be able to live his life to the fullest?

The doctors named this lovely boy Ivan. Although he was born with a severe physical disability – the absence of both hands and a leg – his intellectual capabilities are intact. According to Olga Litvinova, the head doctor of the Mykolaiv Regional Baby’s Home, little Ivan is all in all a healthy child. The baby has a healthy appetite. 

The parents of this wonderchild left him in the maternity hospital. The doctors say that Ivan’s parents are normal people. Drugs or alcohol were not the reasons for the boy’s disability. The baby is currently in the Mykolaiv Baby’s Home. Ivan’s doctors are very concerned about his future. If the boy is not adopted, he is likely to spend his life in social institutions like most orphans with special needs in Ukraine. 

There’s another person without limbs. His name is Nick Vujicic. He was born in Australia and now lives in the USA. His life started similarly to Ivan’s. Nick was born without limbs. He only has two toes on one leg. Despite his physical challenges, his parents did not abandon him. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The American family adopts a child with special needs from the Kalinovka Orphanage.

“Last January for the first time in history of the state-run facility for children with severe forms of disability, in the village of Kalinovka, Chernigovskiy district, Zaporizhzhya region, one of its little orphans was finally adopted. Six-year old Sasha is now a family member of an American pastor from South Carolina , USA”, - informed ReporterUA, the director of the “Happy Child” charity foundation, Albert Pavlov.
The Kalinovka Orphanage currently has 120 orphans aged from 4 to 35 years diagnosed with different mental and physical disabilities. A great number of the orphans are wheelchair users. 
“Just a month ago Sasha was almost dead but now he is crawling about and playing in his loving family”, - Shane Robertson, who lives in Myrtle Beach, happily comments on his Facebook page. 

The needs of an orphanage in Kalinovka:

1. Constructors. The soft-liners, plastic and wood, with large parts, designers, toy rugs. 2. Pyramids. 3. Sorter variety. 4. Crossword puzzles. 5. All sorts of puzzles. Easy for the little, wooden, educational, logical series StepPazl (color and shape, funny logic, etc.) 6. Montessori lacing. 7. Balls - small, soft and plastic. 8. Baby Music Mobile. Music- preferably classical music. 9. Children's play centers. Music, for compliance with the color-shape. 10. Mosaic. With the largest parts of at least 20mm. 11. Play-Doh or table top wooden blocks (woodshop), jumbo blocks sets, lego bricks, Cookie Cutter sets. 12. Pencils, crayons (large). 13. Coloring books. A lot. From the simple (minimal detail, large pictures, sharp contours) to the not very difficult. 14. Colored and white paper. 15. Finger paints. A lot. 16. Kits for children's creativity. Making frames, plaster figurines, pendants. 17. Chairs transformers (which are converted into the desk with a chair). 18.Pampers. Orphanage address: ЧЕРНИГОВСКИЙ ДЕТСКИЙ ДОМ-ИНТЕРНАТ Украина, Запорожская область, Черниговский район, с. Калиновка Director - Slavov Nikolay Viktorovich, Тел/факс +3 8 06140 9-87-49, +3 8 050 744 62 84 (моб. тел.)

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