Thursday, April 5, 2012

The needs of an orphanage in Kalinovka:

1. Constructors. The soft-liners, plastic and wood, with large parts, designers, toy rugs. 2. Pyramids. 3. Sorter variety. 4. Crossword puzzles. 5. All sorts of puzzles. Easy for the little, wooden, educational, logical series StepPazl (color and shape, funny logic, etc.) 6. Montessori lacing. 7. Balls - small, soft and plastic. 8. Baby Music Mobile. Music- preferably classical music. 9. Children's play centers. Music, for compliance with the color-shape. 10. Mosaic. With the largest parts of at least 20mm. 11. Play-Doh or table top wooden blocks (woodshop), jumbo blocks sets, lego bricks, Cookie Cutter sets. 12. Pencils, crayons (large). 13. Coloring books. A lot. From the simple (minimal detail, large pictures, sharp contours) to the not very difficult. 14. Colored and white paper. 15. Finger paints. A lot. 16. Kits for children's creativity. Making frames, plaster figurines, pendants. 17. Chairs transformers (which are converted into the desk with a chair). 18.Pampers. Orphanage address: ЧЕРНИГОВСКИЙ ДЕТСКИЙ ДОМ-ИНТЕРНАТ Украина, Запорожская область, Черниговский район, с. Калиновка Director - Slavov Nikolay Viktorovich, Тел/факс +3 8 06140 9-87-49, +3 8 050 744 62 84 (моб. тел.)

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