Saturday, December 19, 2015

Shopkick Rewards

The basic idea is that it's an app you use when you're shopping in a store or a mall to collect points, browse specials, and earn real-money rewards, including gift certificates. In theory, stores will get more foot traffic and more sales, so they're happy to pay Shopkick a small commission for people to walk into the store or a commission on Shopkick users' purchases, if they buy merchandise that's being promoted in the Shopkick app. Please use my code to earn extra points: davis59335 Today you can get up to: 2000 kicks, lot's of kicks you get just for walking in to the store. Very cool app!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Micah Six Eight: Transferred!

Micah Six Eight: Transferred!: TRANSFERRED   NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!     Transferred!   Rebecca and Charlie   Moved from an orphanage where they were ...

Something to think about….

From Dave Ramsey book “The Total Money Makeover: Separate Checking accounts. Here’s the deal. When you get married, you become a team. The pastor at your wedding wasn’t joking when he said, “And now you are one.” It’s called unity. The old marriage vows say, “Unto thee I pledge all my worldly goods.” In other words, “I’m all in,” so combine the checking accounts. It’s hard to have unity when you separate your bank accounts. When his money is over here, and her money is over there, it’s easy to live in your own little financial world instead of working as a team. When you do your spending together, it’s about “our” money. We have an income and we have expenses and we have goals. So when you’re both in agreement on where the money is going, then you’ve taken a major step to being on the same page in your marriage, and you will create awesome levels of communication. This all boils down to trust. Do you trust your spouse or not? I’ve heard from people who keep separate bank accounts just in case their spouse leaves them. Well, why on earth would you marry someone you can’t trust? And if that’s really the case, then you need marriage counseling, not separate bank accounts! Your spouse isn’t your roommate, and this isn’t a joint business venture. It’s a marriage! You don’t run your household and your life separately. Your job is to love each other well, and that includes having shared financial goals – which is hard to do when you have separate accounts.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Let's start 2016 with 52 Week Money Challenge Saving Plan.

Maybe this is your first time hearing about the 52 Week Money Challenge Saving Plan. So here are the details. This is literally the easiest way to save almost $1,378 in a year! Every week you deposit money into your jar or bank account, however you decide to do it. The amount depends on the number of week it is in the year.
Print out and keep track of your weeks. Maybe on a "blessed" week do a couple weeks if possible. Instead of going week by week, every Sunday I will deposit some money into the jar. This will depend on how our finances are going - maybe on a tight week I will put in a small dollar amount but on a good week strive for those large numbers towards the last weeks on my print out. Honestly, there is no RIGHT way to do this but if you fill a jar with this amount of money you will end up with close to $1,400 dollars by 2017!