Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Let's start 2016 with 52 Week Money Challenge Saving Plan.

Maybe this is your first time hearing about the 52 Week Money Challenge Saving Plan. So here are the details. This is literally the easiest way to save almost $1,378 in a year! Every week you deposit money into your jar or bank account, however you decide to do it. The amount depends on the number of week it is in the year.
Print out and keep track of your weeks. Maybe on a "blessed" week do a couple weeks if possible. Instead of going week by week, every Sunday I will deposit some money into the jar. This will depend on how our finances are going - maybe on a tight week I will put in a small dollar amount but on a good week strive for those large numbers towards the last weeks on my print out. Honestly, there is no RIGHT way to do this but if you fill a jar with this amount of money you will end up with close to $1,400 dollars by 2017!

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