Friday, March 2, 2012

Russian Orphan Lighthouse Project.

Presenting the Russian Orphan Gadget Project: Clean a closet, and change a life! Russian orphans wait cold, frightened, and alone, while the moms and dads who love them already struggle for the funds to complete their adoptions. All proceeds from gadgets donated to the Russian Orphan Gadget Project will defray the costs of adopting, and help to hurry kids more quickly to their forever families, where they'll be warm, safe, and loved at last. On behalf of our waiting kids, three cheers for you as you change the world! Please, help us spread the word! Collect from your neighbors, your church, your school, and your work. We are offering a set of matryoshka doll ornaments to both the person who collects the most items for the drive, and the person who collects the highest value of items for the drive. It's easy, and won't cost you a cent! Ready, set, go!
Russian Orphan Gadget Project - Fundraiser Page Donate your old electronics to help raise money for Russian Orphan Lighthouse Project. Powered by

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