Thursday, February 28, 2013

this is what it's all about. this is how to LIVE.

my fellow believers in Christ….my adopted brothers and sisters who read this post… please consider giving a new life, new hope, the gospel of salvation, a loving, secure family….to a waiting child. You have a big home? Great! Share it with a fatherless child. You have new car? Cool—let your newly adopted child feel the thrill of driving around in it with you. OR….you have a small home? Great! Fill it with one more child who will just be grateful to have a mom and dad and siblings to love. You don’t even have a car? No problem, GOD will provide transportation for you and this precious little one….he does not leave us on our own when we step out in faith and love on his children. It doesn’t really matter whether you have a lot or a little…..those who are new creations in Christ are the most qualified to adopt a waiting child.

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