Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mobile Apps That Will Help You Earn Extra Money.

1. CheckPoints #1 Rewards App CheckPoints is a popular free mobile phone app that allows users to earn reward points for participating in promotional offers and performing various tasks, such as checking into local business, scanning product items in-store, watching advertisement videos, and more. The points earned within the app can be exchanged for gift cards to popular national retailers such Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart. Please use my code to earn extra points: ilackaja38
2.Shopkick The basic idea is that it's an app you use when you're shopping in a store or a mall to collect points, browse specials, and earn real-money rewards, including gift certificates. In theory, stores will get more foot traffic and more sales, so they're happy to pay Shopkick a small commission for people to walk into the store or a commission on Shopkick users' purchases, if they buy merchandise that's being promoted in the Shopkick app. Please use my code to earn extra points: 2DmXc4
3.Ibotta The Ibotta app will pay you cash to take a picture of your receipts. Here’s how it works: ~ Sign up for a free account with Ibotta (just need a name & email address). ~ Download the mobile app and then click on the “Rebates” section. ~ From here, you should see dozens of different rebates you can take advantage of. For example, right now the app is offering me 50 cents if I upload a picture of a receipt showing that I bought milk. And there’s another rebate for $10 if I upload a picture of a Best Buy receipt. Please use my code to earn extra points: ufcqfru
4. SIMON - Malls, Mills & Outlets A must-have smartphone app for every savvy shopper that visits one of the 200+ Simon Malls® & Simon Mills® & Simon Premium Outlets® shopping centers nationwide. There’s no better way to maximize your shopping experience, whether at home or in the mall. So download the official SIMON Android App today. Top App Features Include: ■ Access over 200 mall maps to help you navigate your local Simon shopping center. ■ Check out the latest deals, news and events available at your favorite mall. ■ Find the stores, dining and entertainment options that you care about at the Simon, Mills or Premium Outlets shopping center nearest you. ■ Connect with your mall on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. ■ Share the best malls, stores, deals, news and events with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS. ■ Add deals and events that interest you directly to your calendar so that you'll never miss out. ■ See what available shopper services & amenities any given mall offers. ■ Easily check the balance of your Simon Malls, Simon Mills or Simon Premium Outlets Simon Giftcards®. ■ Contact us or provide app feedback all from within the app. ■ Learn more about the other parts of Simon, including our offerings to businesses, investors and job seekers. ■ Sign up for emails that help you save time and money at your mall & become a Mall Insider® today. ■ Quickly look up mall hours, driving directions, local weather conditions and mall contact information. The SIMON Android App supports Simon & Mills malls and shopping centers all across America including, but not limited to, those in the following cities / states: New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, Washington DC, Boston, MA, Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Orlando, FL, Miami, FL, Austin, TX, Philadelphia, PA, Indianapolis, IN, Kansas City, MO and Seattle, WA Please use my code to earn extra points: 098LYG. Thanks.

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