Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Girl, born August 2006 Listed: June 18, 2013 Mixed hemangioma of face and neck, Chronic viral hepatitis C, Other specified deforming dorsopathies (carriage defect), Astigmatism, Iron deficiency anemia Susana is a friendly and sociable girl! From a family who visited her during hosting: “She’s a sweet girl, clung to her host mother a lot. Went through the dr appointments like a champ, very brave. Host mom said sometimes it would seem like she would shut down when she’d get upset or things wouldn’t go her way. The tumor is made up of blood vessels and requires more testing but is not cancerous to their knowledge. It will continue to grow if nothing is done and it has already caused problems with her jaw and she’ll require dental work. Surgery to reroute the blood vessels is needed.” VIDEO:SUSANA Married couples only. Larger families welcome, travel required. Contact for more info on how to adopt Susana!

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