Saturday, December 4, 2010

How our adoption will work.

Our adoption process will be a little different than some. First, we chose a country to pursue. Then we do all of the paperwork and fulfill the requirements before we travel. When we travel we will be given a referral of a chid. If the child we originally considered is available, then she will be referred to us. If not, then we can know that God has used her as an instrument to lead us on this journey to reach another child. We are not actually 'preselecting' her, but there are not many families interested in adopting these children with special needs, so the chances are VERY good that she will be waiting. If she is not then we would ask for a referral of a 4-6 yr old girl with Special needs and go from there. Soon I will tell you some more about Lorraine.


  1. Hello! You posted lots of great ideas on my blog. I do have an account on Reece's Rainbow's website so any donate can be made there and it will be given to us. I don't know how to put a chip-in on my blog. Can you walk me through it. Can I set it up so that the money donated would go to our RR account?

  2. Hello! Please go on
    and follow all the steps.
    Good luck. If you have any questions please ask me - I will try to help.