Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Many Uses of Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass has long been used in Asian and Caribbean cooking due to its subtle lemon flavor and aroma. It has been found to support healthy digestion, and soothe aching muscles. Cymbopogon citratus Caution: This oil can feel very warm on the skin; always dilute for sensitive skin. Lemongrass is a tall, aromatic, perennial, fast-growing (3 ft. or more in height) grass. The essential oil is steam distilled from the finely chopped, fresh or partly dried grass (usually two crops a year). The scent is pungent, fresh, lemon, hay-like top notes with earthy, green grassy undertones. It blends well with most citruses and florals (Bergamot in particular) and also with Marjoram, Rosemary, Ginger, Whisper, and Frankincense. (High in Citral-main active component). Uses: Analgesic, (one of the oils that less is more), antibacterial, anticancer, antidepressant, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, arterial vasodilator, mild diuretic, expectorant, antiviral, bactericide, carminative (settles digestion, relieves flatulence, and intestinal cramping) deodorant, reduces fevers, nervine,(stimulates and strengthens the nervous system) tonic, (invigorates and strengthens the body) and insect repellant. Excellent effectiveness with Staph infections, bladder infections, fluid retention, kidney disorders, lymphatic drainage, and strengthens vascular walls. Reduces bad cholesterol, improves digestion, improves eyesight, repairs ligaments, wakes up the lymphatic system, great for tissue regeneration. Regulates parasympathetic nervous system, improves digestion, relieves acne, symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, H-Pylori reducer (a pathogen responsible for gastroduodenal disease), purifies lymphatic system and digestive system, and eliminates some parasites. Lemongrass Oil can improve your athletic performance by increasing blood circulation. (Brings highly oxygenated cells from your lungs to enhance the energy you need for a better physical performance.) After exercising, is very helpful in promoting the relief of build up of lactic acid in the muscles that can cause cramping or ―"Charlie horses." Pain can happen anywhere in your body, but it takes your brain to register that it’s happening. Essential oils can go right to the top of the command to tell your brain to pretend that the pain isn’t there. Lemongrass acts similar to the sedative opiate drugs that are derived from opium to act on the brain without affecting your central nervous system. Lemongrass Oil depresses the higher, cerebral cortex, part of your brain (and its cough center) so that the pain sensations don’t get registered. The scent of Lemongrass will decrease irritability and drowsiness. Psychologically, Lemongrass is uplifting and energizing. Also good for concentration and clear thinking, strengthens retina (eye nerve lining the back of the eye that communicates light changes and allows a vision to be seen clearly.) Pain relief: to dull pain locally, apply directly to the area, Lemongrass 2 drops with Fractionated Coconut Oil 2 drops or Lavender 2 drops or Basil 2 drops – mix your combo choice; Apply to the area and wait 6 minutes before reapplying. A little will work faster than a lot – especially for pain and cough. Cholesterol, reduction of bad: Lemongrass 3 drops and Melaluca 5 drops in capsule twice a day. Headaches: Blend Lemongrass 2 drops with lavender 2 drops and apply to the temples. Footbaths for sore and tired feet: Lemongrass with Epsom salt soak 3 drops max, in a soaking tub. (dish pan) An antiseptic wash or compress is used on skin infections, especially ringworm and infected skin sores. Prepare Lemongrass 2 drops, Lavender 4 drops, Cypress 4 drops – add to Epsom salts, then quart of warm water, soak pure cotton cloth and apply to area letting cloth sit for 5 minutes and then resoak and reapply. Use same formula in 2 ounce spritzer bottle with distilled water to gently spray an infected area too painful to touch. Massage blend for sore and tight muscles: Lemongrass 3 drops, Basil 4 drops, Clary Sage 5 drops, Fractionated Coconut Oil 8 drops, apply upward motion toward torso; Wait 10 minutes and then if need to reapply. Kidney and bladder recovery: Lemongrass 3 drops, Cypress 5 drops, Basil 4 drops, apply the combo generously on the low back and across the lower front of the abdomen for two days after symptoms resolve. If stones are a long term issue please ingest the flowing blend after two days of drinking 1⁄2 gallon of organic cranberry juice then combine Lemongrass 3 drops, Helichrysum 2 drops, Coriander 2 drops in capsules twice a day for 9 days. URI with cough: Lemongrass 2 drops, White Fir 2 drops, Ylang Ylang 3 drops. Apply to chest and back of the neck – if very sensitive skin, use Fractionated Coconut Oil. Thyroid balance: Lemongrass, clary sage, clove, and Patchouli Grave’s Disease –Hyperthroidism: Lemongrass, and Myrrh Hashimoto’s Disease (Hypothyroidism): Lemongrass, Clove, Myrrh Cold hands and feet: Lemongrass 2 drops in center of hands and add new moisturizing cream and rub into hands and wrists, do the same for feet each night before sleep. Take the Lifelong Vitality Pack. Parasite relief: GX Assist, Lemongrass, DigestZen, Peppermint. Diffuse: Lemongrass 3 drops, Wild Orange 5 drops, White Fir 3 drops, gently mix together and add 3-4 drops to your diffuser and run 15 minutes an hour in room where sleeping. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Lemongrass 3 drops, Rosemary 4 drops, Lavender 5 drops, Bergamot 5 drops. Blend gently and apply to painful joints, vital flex points, Bottoms of feet several times a day. ---Internally: Lemongrass 3 drops, Lavender 5 drops, Wild Orange 4 drops, Frankincense 3 drops, in capsule 3 times a day. Wellness/Vitality Pack daily with additional CRS, Terrazyme 3 caps with each meal, Keep person WARM all of the time (reduces bone pain). Respectfully researched by Dr. Susan Lawton and submitted to support usage of doTerra Lemongrass Essential Oil. Posted with permission from Jaime Walsh.

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